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2014 Adopted Tax Rates for Groom ISD

(Per $100 of Assessed Valuation) 

Maintenance and Operations Rate $1.105 compared with $1.17 in 2013 -- DOWN 5.56%

Interest & Sinking Fund Rate $0.187 compared with $0.216 in 2013 -- DOWN 13.43%

Total Rate for the District: $1.292 compared with $1.386 in 2013 -- DOWN 6.78%

DUE TO INCREASING VALUES WITHIN THE DISTRICT, this Tax Rate will raise more revenue for Maintenance and Operations than last years tax rate. The Tax Rate will EFFECTIVELY be raised by 3.73% and will raise taxes for Maintenance and Operations on a $100,000 home by approximately $40.00. 

The above statement can be misleading to taxpayers - Due to the 6.78% reduction in our tax rate for 2014, most taxpayers in the district will see a small reduction in their 2014 school taxes unless they had an increase in their appraised values for 2014. The rise in property values in the district for 2014 is mostly attributed to new construction and development within the district, not to changes in local appraised values.  

2014 Tax Ordinance Signed.pdf

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Texas Comptroller Links to Wind Energy Applications Currently Active within Groom ISD

E-on Climate and Renewables
Grandview Wind Farm, LLC - July 2013 - Application 312

Grandview Wind Farm II, LLC - Application 356 - November 2013

Cielo Wind Energy - Application 387 - Salt Fork Wind, LP

2014-2015 Budget and Tax-Rate Information is available under the School Resources tab.

2012-13 NCLB Report Cards are available for Public Viewing
under the SCHOOL RESOURCES tab. Available Reports include State of Texas Reports, and Groom ISD District, and Campus Reports.

Access to student grades is available under the School Resources Tab Read more...

Procedure for Reporting Incidents of Suspected Bullying
FFI (Local).pdf
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2014 - Groom ISD 5-Year ACT College Readiness Report is available under
School Resources Tab Above.

2014-15 Technology Acceptable Use Forms - For Student-Loaned Computers
Groom ISD 2014-15 AUP Loaded CPUs.pdf
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Groom School has partnered with High School Cube to broadcast school events on the web.  You can hear the event in real time, but due to UIL rules, the video cannot be shown until an hour after the game is complete.

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The Adopted 2014-15 Budgets for the Maintenance & Operations Fund (Fund 199), the Interest & Sinking Fund (Fund 599), and the School Cafeteria Fund (Fund 240) are available under the School Resources/Groom School Budgets tab in the above header bar. 

The junior high football game vs. Hedley on Thursday, October 30 has been canceled.

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The 2014-2015 Official School Calendar is available under the Student Information Tab above.

2013 NCLB School Report Card is now available under School Resources.
To access the report card select the School Resources tab above, then select Accountability - finally, select the 2012-13 Federal Report Cards.

2013-14 NCLB Highly Qualified (HQ) Public Report and the 2012-13 Campus & District Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR) for Groom ISD* are Now Available under the School Resources Tab Above.
*(To access the TAPR reports click on the Resources tab then the Accountability Link.) 

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TEA Releases 2012-13 Accountability Rating for Groom ISD 
Congratulations to the staff and students on another fine performance. I am pleased to report that Groom School Met the State Standards for 2013 on all four accountability Indexes: Student Achievement, Student Progress, Closing Performance Gaps, and Postsecondary Readiness; plus, earned Distinction Designations for Academic Achievement in Reading/ELA and Mathematics. The district also met all system safeguards for Federal Accountability. For more information, please see the attached TEA 2013 Accountability Summary Report.

Jay Lamb, Superintendent
Groom ISD 
2012-13 Campus Accountability Report.pdf