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  • 2017-2018 School Calendar

    The adopted 2017-2018 school calendar is now available under the "Required Postings" tab in the 2017-2018 folder in the header bar below. It is also attached to this announcement. The official calendar was amended on August 28, 2017 - the holiday scheduled for May 14, 2018 was moved to May 21, 2019 because of a change in the TEA Testing Calendar. 

    Groom Independent School District
  • 2017-2018 Required Immunizations for School Attendance

    The required immunizations for school attendance are attached to this post. 

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  • STAAR Testing Notice for Grades 5 & 8 Parents of Students Qualifying for Special Education Services

    The attached STAAR Testing notice is for parents of 5th and 8th Grade students receiving Special Education Services per HB 657  (please see attachment).

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  • Proposed 2017-2018 Budget

    The Proposed 17-18 Budget is attached to this post and is also available under "Required Postings" - "2017-2018" tabs.

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  • 2017 Campus and District Accountability Reports

    2017 Campus and District Accountability Reports are attached to this post. They are also available under these tabs below: "Required Postings", "2017-2018".

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  • 2016-2017 Community and School Rating

    The Official 16-17 Community and School Rating issued by the District Site-Based Committee is available under the "Required Postings" tab in the header bar above and is located in the 2016-2017 folder. It is also attached to this announcement.   

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  • Groom Tigers and Tigerettes Travel Bus and New School Bus

    They are both now here! Take a look!

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  • 2015-2016 Federal Reports

    Federal Report Cards for Groom ISD (Campus and District) have been added to the district web page. Go to Required Postings - 2016-2017 - Accountability in the header bar above.

    Groom Independent School District
  • School Notifications & Communications

    Groom ISD communicates key district information, like school delays and cancellations, with parents, students, staff, and other district stakeholders utilizing a phone notification system, instant text messaging, and our local television stations - KVII Channel 7, KAMR Channel 4, Fox 14, and KFDA Channel 10. Weekly events are communicated solely through instant messaging. If you are interested in connecting with the district through the instant messaging system, please see the attached announcement to sign up.  

    Groom Independent School District
  • New Research Shows Nearly Half of American Parents Underestimate the Harm of School Absences

    A student who misses just two days of school each month — 18 days total in the year — is considered to be chronically absent. However, many parents don’t realize that, even when excused or understandable, absences add up and can greatly impact a child’s education. In the United States, more than 6 million children are chronically absent from school each year.

    New research released today by the Ad Council found that an overwhelming majority (86%) of parents understand their child’s school attendance plays a big role in helping them graduate from high school. However, nearly half (49%) of parents believe that it is okay for their children to miss three or more days of school per month – and that they won’t fall behind academically if they do. In reality, missing just two days of school per month makes children more likely to fall behind and less likely to graduate.

    Read more here....



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