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Groom Athletics

Thank You for visiting the Groom Athletics page. Students can learn a lot from a good athletic program, and we believe that a sound athletic program is vital to a school's mission. Groom athletes are athletes by choice and competing in an athletic activity is a privilege - not a right. Athletes are held to higher standards than traditional students - adherence to training standards, team rules and expectations, behavioral standards, and academic standards are required of all athletes for team membership.

At Groom, we strive to provide a competitive atmosphere while teaching valuable skills, beyond the individual sport. Skills such as, teamwork, the benefits of hard work, commitment to something bigger than oneself, taking pride in our history, and the awesome responsibility of representing our community to the public. We encourage everyone who feels up to the challenge and wants to participate in athletic activities to visit with a coach and try out for a team. 

Groom competes in a variety of UIL Athletic Activities including 6-Man Football, Basketball, Track and Field, Tennis, and Cross Country in grades 6-12. 

If you have any questions about our athletic program, please call Mr. Vanderpool at 806-248-7971 or Mr. Lamb at 806-248-7557.

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